PC Randomly shutting itself down after update?

Recently, i had updated my computer (more like it auto-updated). Ever since, at random intervals my pc just says "Shutting down" i have no idea what could be wrong. I'm not getting an error 41 in the event log, and it's not any of my hardware, my cpu and gpu temps are also fine.
In safe mode, these random shutoffs dont happen. I dont see any missing drivers other than "simple pci controller", im not even able to uninstall this update or revert to an earlier state.

Any help on what could be the problem/how to fix

Edit: I did get a driver power state failure
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  1. Rip answers
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  2. So it seems like the missing simple pci controller driver may be causing the issue as you are getting a driver error it seems. Does windows not give you an option to install the missing driver?
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