Can't Update to Windows 10 16215 - Inaccessible Boot disk error

has any one found a fix for the green screen of death when trying to update

to insider preview 16215

tried 3 times now

every time i get a green screen of death with inaccessible boot disk error

then it rolls back to the previous build
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  1. it inside preview, report back to microsoft
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    rgd1101 said:
    it inside preview, report back to microsoft

    yeah already used insider hub to do that

    was hoping some one might have found a fix

    have now converted the esd files to an iso

    so hopefully a clean install will work as in place upgrade certainly isnt for me

    i know previews can be buggy but can usually at least get them installed lol
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  3. Who would know if this firmware update on your drive caused the GSOD... how long is a piece of string?
    It would make sense to consider that drive firmware update is responsible for your problem especially if it was the only thing updated outside of windows OS.
    No doubt you can't roll back the drive firmware neither once it has been updated. You may have to reinstall Windows OS from scratch to get things to align with this drive firmware update.
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windows 10 Green Screen Boot Disk Error