Stuttering in games since last Windows 10 Update - kb4022725 [1607]

Hello everyone!

I am having stuttering problems in games after the last Windows 10 Update. kb4022725 [1607].

I don't have any heat or performance problem (at least not that I know after checking with MSI Afterburner and other tools). In some games the stuttering is really annoying (Hearthstone, FIFA 17) because it happens every 2-3 seconds, in others (like Rainbow Six Siege) it's not so annoying because it happens 1 time every 15 minutes (please note that it never happened before) while in some other games (like Tekken 7) I notice stuttering just when the game loads something, even small (like selecting objects in character customization).

I don't know if it's system related or driver related but sure it did start to happen after the above mentioned update.

Looks like I am not the only one:

Do you guys have any suggestion? Thank you very much!
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    try updating all drivers, some might be overwritten by windows updates
    especially video card drivers and chipset drivers
    USB 3 drivers as well, if these are not native from the chipset.

    run 3dmark timespy, after the benchmark click on compare result online and post the link from your browser
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