1080p 144hz and 4k 60hz in the same monitor?

Does anyone know of any Monitors currently availbale that will run 4K at 60hz and 1080 at 144hz?

I need both for different reasons but they all seem to be one or the other. I don't particularly want to upgrade both of my screens if I can avoid it as they are already good.

Update: I have seen the upcoming Acer Predator X27 that will run 4K at 144hz, but is likely going to cost me the remainder of my life on this earth. I'm guessing that this is going to be the only option for what I want really without purchasing 2 monitors.
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    A 4k monitor will always display a 4k image, even if the image is only 1080p.
    So no monitor will do 4k @ 60 and 1080p at 144hz, because its not about 4k being harder to run and 1080 being easier to run that allows 144hz.
    If the 4k monitor does 144hz, it can do 1080 at 144hz, but the monitor still upscales it to 4k to fit the screen.
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