What monitor should I buy to use with a GTX 1070

So I recently acquired a GTX 1070 to run an HTC Vive, and am now looking to upgrade my lowly 20 inch generic Dell monitor.

I'd rather not spend more than $500

I'm tempted by this 24"/1ms/G-sync/144hz monitor

But can't help but wonder if I should go for a 27 inch monitor. The trouble is the 27 inch monitor with the same other specs as above seem to be quite expensive, typically at $900+. However I keep hearing great things about 1440p.

If I sacrifice g-sync, I can go for a 27 inch. But I'm not sure if that's correct.

Without the g-sync, this 27 inch model is interesting:

Also I play a mix of first-person-shooter games and slow-paced games.

Really torn, not sure what to buy. Any advice would be great!
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    At 1080p G-Sync isn't worth considering with a 1070.
    I wouldn't go 27" at 1080p as pixels start to become more visible.
    Get this:
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  2. maybe a samsung U28E590D 4k 60hz i found it for 397$
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  3. 4k with a 1070? No way
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  4. he can still play 1440p and could upgrade later if he wanted to and wouldn't need to buy a new monitor
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  5. At the very most, 1440p 60Hz.
    @Justin, unfortunately non-native resolutions look dreadful on monitors generally.
    Unless going for a 1080 Ti, the 4k monitor isn't worth it, not to mention they're only going to get cheaper over time. :)
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  6. I would get a 144hz monitor with G-Sync. 27" at 1080p is ok. I had one myself and cain't complain about pixels. Get 24", if you can't buy 27". I play myself at 1440p/165hz with a GTX 1070 at 27" and its quite good. Sometimes I wish I had lower resolution. The text on desktop is very small and some games are demanding, so need to settings down. Using lowet resolution makes it very blurry.
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  7. Choice is yours really between a 1080p 144htz (& I would go with gsync at 100htz +) or a 1440p 60-75 htz without (because at that refresh it's unnecessary)

    You've not mentioned your CPU ?? That has has much of an effect at high refresh rate gaming, you need a fairly high clocked Intel or ryzen to even consider 100htz+ anyway.

    Personally I think 1440p upto 75htz is the sweetspot for a 1070.
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  8. Look at the Asus pb277q rather than the 278q listed above

    Its 75htz & that does make a difference.
    Its a very good gaming screen .

    Bear this in mind though , if you can warrant a 32 inch screen & have the desk space & the room to sit far enough away to actually use it the 32inch HP omen is near the same price.
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