What monitor to buy?

I have amd ryzen 1600 and a 1070gtx im plannimg on buying a new monitor with 144hz not sure what to get and is gsync worth it?
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  1. Budget? I dont think g sync is worth the premium they charge for it but it is a nice feature to have.
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  2. The cheaper the better but im looking for performance ill eve go 1440p 144hz if its better
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  3. I would try to go 1440p with your build. Well with no budget I guess we will start here:

    One of the cheaper high refresh rate 1440 ips monitors. You can find cheaper 1440p high refresh rate monitors just many wont have gsync or ips panels.
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  4. Is this newegg australia?
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  5. Yeh maybe under 600 aud im from australia
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    Here are some G-Sync Monitors in Australian prices:

    Only one under $600, 1080p 144 Hz ($545) >
    Slightly better, 1080p 180 Hz ($649) >
    If you are happy to flex budget, 1440p 165 Hz ($749) >

    All are conincidentally $100 apart but obviously you get something out of it. Your GTX 1070 would be a great pairing with any of them if you want to go G-Sync but 1440p 165 Hz will be a stretch for the 1070 in most games at higher settings, still a higher resolution at least. Hope this helps :)
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