DVI-D(digital) to VGA(analog) converter - GTX 1050ti

I've recently bought gtx 1050 ti. It has a HDMI 2.0b, DisplayPort 1.4 and Dual-Link DVI-D output.
My monitor output is VGA.
DVI-D signals are digital, while VGA signals are analog so the video card must support outputting analog over the DVI-D port. Video Card :
Converter :
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  1. That's a passive adapter and it won't work, you need an ACTIVE adapter.
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    I love the description of that adapter:

    ●DVI-D 24+1 Male To VGA 15 Pin Female Converter Adapter for LCD HDTV screen
    ●Allows you to convert a standard DVI-D port into a second VGA port
    ●Connect any VGA monitor with HD15 male connector to any computer with DVI-D port (25pin - 3x 8 rows and 1 flat pins)
    ●Complete with thumb screws and barrel nuts to make sure of a secure connection
    ●Ideal for people who want to use the dual monitors for their work/game environment
    ●Gold plated DVI-D pins to ensure high quality signal transfer
    ●Easy to install, just plug and play

    ●This adapter will only work with graphic cards that are analog compatible"

    Except that DVI-D port is always digital (that "D" in the name), never analog.
    "The DVI connector on a device is given one of three names, depending on which signals it implements:
    DVI-I (integrated, combines digital and analog in the same connector; digital may be single or dual link)
    DVI-D (digital only, single link or dual link)
    DVI-A (analog only)"

    This is what you need:
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  3. Is there any other converter? Because the reviews don't seem good
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  4. Definitely there have to be other adapters out there, this one linked as example.
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  5. most of them don't support 1366x768 resolution. What happens if i connect them?
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  6. Of course they'll support 1366x768 , why would you think otherwise ??
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  7. RediG7 said:
    most of them don't support 1366x768 resolution. What happens if i connect them?

    Why you think so? Description usually only lists highest supported resolution. So if it says 1920x1200 for example, 1366x768 will work too.
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  8. Because they pointed out that it only worked with those resolutions. Anyway thanks
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  9. If you're in any doubt, you can always buy a new monitor which has a digital input instead! - :lol:
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