4k tv and 1080p monitor at the same time on a rx580 ?

Hey there.

I have a 49inch 4k tv ( and a 24inch 1080p 75hz free sync monitor(

I currently am in the process of building a new pc with a Ryzen 1600 and a rx580 ( Will i be able to use both of these screens simultaneously at their respective resolutions ?

My main use will be gaming solely on the monitor while browsing the web/watching videos /spotify on the tv. Occasionally I may want to run a less demanding game in 4k resolution on my Tv but that's not a requirement.

Will this combo of cpu/gbu be able to handle this?

I also have heard that there is a new line of Vega cards coming later on. Should I wait for them ? The only thing is that I wouldn't want to raise the price of the build too much.
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    That should be fine. Just make the 1080p your primary monitor and when you are ready to watch videos, drag it over to the 4K. But one thing, it could be difficult getting the resolutions to play nice with each other.
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