Looking for a better 1440p monitor. Help?

I currently have a benq gw2765ht 1440p monitor and I'm not impressed at all. I bought it because the reviews were good. To me, it's pretty mediocre. I had a Korean qnix 2710 1440p monitor that looked better than this benq.

I'm looking for a 27" 1440p monitor that looks pretty good. I want to walk into the door and say wow, now thats a nice monitor. This benq is very boring. it's so boring that I don't even feel like playing games on it. Any suggestions? My budget will be $500 and I'll probably by a used monitor on ebay so, if the monitor costs $700 new then, maybe i can get it cheaper on ebay. Thanks

Or should i just go and buy a tv?
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  1. since u r gaming too, whats ur gpu n cpu? have choose between G sync or not. also, r u looking @ 27" n above?
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  2. i have a gtx 1080 and a 6700k and only looking for a 27" - 30" I don't really care about gsync or refresh rates. I just want a beautiful screen. If the monitor in my price range offers above 60hz and or g sync then i'll gladly take it. Though, My priority lies first and foremost on the display. Not looking for a gloss screen either. I don't mind if its semi glossy Just not pure gloss
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  4. Thanks! I'll have to review these when i get home from work
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  5. Happy to help ;)
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