CHKDSK stuck 97% with ETA stuck at 7 seconds

So last night, I tried recording a games and then suddenly it freeze don't know why.. but i can still open other programs like chrome and task manager but i can't see them because the display is stuck at the frozen screen but you can see the task bar so i decided to restart the computer..

After the restart i found out that my folder which i use to store the recorded gameplay is corrupted so i tried finding solution online which then tells me to run chkdsk /f d: (yes the corrupted file is in d drive) my HDD is WD blue 4 TB with almost 1 TB filled up and it is fairly new because i just bought it not even a month ago

I read that chkdsk could take a long time, so I let my computer run for maybe 7 hours but the screen is still stuck at that and I don't know if it is running correctly or not.

While chkdsk running, my HDD makes like almost a clock ticking sound and the HDD LED sometimes go on for a long time and sometimes it just stay off

At this point I don't really care about the corrupted files, all i care is getting the drive back usable so i can do my work. Should I just power restart? or should I wait again?

All kinds of help are appreciated THANKS!
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  1. hard disk has surface errors possibly, backup what you can and use the warranty on the drive
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  2. How do i back it up? I can't even access the drive it says "D:\ is not accessible access is denied"

    So The only solution is to return the drive and get the new one?
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  3. that or practice shooting at it, trowing it against something you want to break

    you know, release stress produced by its early death
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