Possible to pull driver from Windows 10 machine and use on Windows XP machine?

I'm trying to rustle up a crappy teleprompter for a crappy video I want to make using stuff I have knocking around already. I'm going to use a thin client which runs Windows XP Embedded. It doesn't need Internet access. My current problem is that I want to use my cheap TeckNet wireless mouse which does support Windows XP but their website doesn't provide a driver. My question is, can I somehow pull the driver from my Windows 10 installation and use it to install on my Windows XP machine?
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    No. Drivers are usually for the OS made for, and have coding in the ini files that prevent them from being installed on non-compatible OS's. buy a another $3 mouse that has drivers.
  2. Most mice shouldn't even need a driver, unless you're making use of advanced features. Have you tried the mouse on the XP system?

    If there's any special software, check Tecknet's website to see if they offer drivers that support XP. And also make sure it works on another system, in case the battery were dead or something. : P
  3. It works on two other machines but not the thin client on which it doesn't appear to be recognised. The Windows XP version is "Embedded" which presumably means it's really cut down to run on weak hardware.
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