Minimum SSD for Windows 10 ?

Okay so I want to know what it the minimum size for an SSD that can be used for Windows 10?

I will be installing the OS and drivers on this SSD and then have another SSD for games that boot slow on a hard drive and then a 1TB HDD for general file storage.

Can anyone answer my question?
Any help is much appreciated!
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  1. At least 120GB would be my choice , anything lower is still filled quickly with updates and performance drops off .
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    250GB is recommended. its not just the OS you have to worry about but OS updates. also if you plan on installing other programs on that SSD too. you could get a smaller one but SSD drives get slow if they get filled too much
  3. I think you would be better off with a single ssd for windows and your games.

    Larger ssd's perform better and last longer.
    Management of space is easier with a single device.
    Games and programs require the use of the windows registry so you would need two devices to work so you get no improvement in reliability by separating windows and apps.

    As above, you may well find 240gb sufficient for both.
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