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Hey guys,
Im really liking the idea of building a mini ITX gaming pc, they just look so nice.
Ive done some research and I'm thinking of going with the fractal design NODE 202 case as i love the sleek look, or possibly one of the silverstone MILO cases.
Where i need some help is basically what are the best parts to put in these little cases, I'm a beginner at building pc's in general and it seems that the mini ITX's require more thought as to which parts fit and work best.
If anyone has some advice, whether it be on a recommended part or build strategy it would be much appreciated,
Thanks my friends!
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  1. what r u expecting from ur mini itx? performance wise?
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  2. Lucky_SLS said:
    what r u expecting from ur mini itx? performance wise?

    Something fairly capable, wouldn't have to be amazing. But would need to be able to run MMOS on highest settings
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  3. if u r gonna build it right now, i would recommend the node 202 with a 7700 cpu n gtx 1060 6gb mini version.
    if u can wait, i would recommend the ryzen 1600 with a mini itx x300 or b350 boards.
    graphics wise, 1080p 60+ fps go for gtx1060. 2k 60+fps go for gtx 1070 mini.
    have 2 case fans that have 50+ cmf of airflow in push pull config in that case.
    for psu try the corsair sf 450w or seasonic ss350w
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