Pc wont boot after new harddrive installed, please help.

So some days ago my harddrive stoped working, or I asume so atleast, it makes clicking noises and wont boot the pc. I get error messages when booting, saying I dont have a proper boot device. So I asumed it was dead.
Now, I have bought a new harddrive and was hoping it would be fine, I am fine with starting on new or what ever it takes. But, I get the same booting errors as the old one get.. no clicking noises atleast. I have tried everything that I posibly can.

Now here is my problem, I have an alienware 17 R2. This pc dont have any cd/disc/ dvd input.. I have read alot on the internet and in the most sulotions I need a damn cd for it.. my new harddrive is an seagate firecuda gaming sshd 2tb.
Now is there anyone, just anyone who can help me with this, I am no expert when it comes to pcs, but I know that my new harddrive is plugged in and my pc reconices it in the bios.. I have tried all posible booting setup but with no luck, I've tried most things in the bios in general tbh..
Since I dont have my pc I have to write on phone..
Can someone please help me and tell me what to do, thanks.
Just ask if you wonder about anything to help me in this case.
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  1. Turn on your system and keep tapping on F12 it will open up the boot priority list and then select your harddrive from it. To install an os on that make a bootable pendrive and boot into your pendrive by tapping F12 at the start amd install your OS on to your harddrive.
  2. Ok, does that mean I need some sort of OS on a USB stick, and then copy that over on the harddrive?
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    if f12 don't work just go to the uefi bios and go to the boot option and put in 1st boot device as uefi usb (the usb should have windows/linux/other uefi os) and save and restart. It should start the installation process.

    edit: no you should have a usb key when you bought your os/downloaded the linux distribution.
    you should get access to a different computer and download the windows os/linux distro you want to use, it should be a iso file. you want to get a iso to usb burner and it will burn the iso into the usb. now plug the usb into your own computer and do the above (boot from the usb, with the uefi usb option in uefi bios). when you save the option and restart from bios, your computer should start the os installation process.
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