restored system drive from recovery partition, how can i relink the programs on the data drive.

so after windows 10 decided that it would replace my graphics drivers automatically(thanks microsoft :no:) i ended up with an endless blue screen loop, no recovery commands worked in command prompt, no safe mode(or any boot at all) and it refused to recognize system images my only option was the recovery partition,
I have tonnes of games and programs installed on my data drive (d:/) (not that the file path should matter) and unfortunately the start menu doesn't recognize any of it due to the fresh install, is their any tool or program that i can use to relink all my programs back to the main system or am i going to have to run all the installers again only to have the installer find the files and link it (a slow and tedious process if you have a lot of games)

any help would be appreciated, thanks
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    Depends on the program, but they may have to be re-installed. "repair" might work, but a fresh install is probably the best answer.
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