Multiple BSOD while stress testing and running games, please help

I have been trying to diagnose/ fix this for weeks now, I thought I might have a bad hard drive, I purchased a brand new HDD and did a totally clean install of Win 10, no change.

I thought it might be temps, I did a stress test while watching temps, never got above 50c on CPU, GPU, or HDD.

I have updated all my drivers, still nothing, I will include links to the BSOD DMP files.




Thank you in advance
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  1. You are better to run the software like whocrashed or bluescreenview to find the errors. And post them back.

    Also can you post the PC specifications? If you can post their model numbers, it will help a lot.
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    you are running a very old build of windows 10
    build 10240 from July 29, 2015 the support for this build stops at May 9, 2017
    you should install a current build.

    looks like microsoft might have already pulled the symbols from the debugger symbol server.
    looks like something corrupted the stack, could be malware or a bad driver

    I would be looking at this driver:
    SystemRoot\system32\DRIVERS\MZ0380.X64.SYS Sun Mar 20 08:21:33 2016
    mainly because I have never seen it installed before.
    guess google thinks it is malware (
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