1080p 144hz and potato monitor at lower resolution..

I've got a gtx 1070. Bought a 1080p 144hz monitor for gaming, and was wondering if I got a cheap second monitor with a different resolution and refresh rate, would it effect performance? Cause tearing, input lag, etc?
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  1. Are you gaming on both at the same time?
  2. No, I'll have the game on the 144hz monitor and use the cheap monitor for watching chat, bots, etc..
  3. You shouldn't have any problems at all using two. Just choose a screen that has ports other than just vga. What budget do you have?
  4. Well I've already got the monitor for gaming

    Then I was hoping to get something decent for under $100.. I've been browsing on Craigslist and found a couple different options for around $50

    I've done a little research and found that different refresh rates would be ok (even though some said it wouldn't) but I don't know about different size/ resolution..
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    Be careful about refresh rates! Personal experience... I have vertigo issues that come and go, long history from a young age. I had used dual monitors for a few years and didn't really have any issues because they were both 60hz. At one point I swapped out a 4:3 for another 16:9...but that was a tv/monitor at 50Hz default. I never thought about it. A year or so later my setup moved to a new house and different lighting/less natural light. I began to suffer from game play induced vertigo, sometimes very easily. The issue... the 50Hz on my left, the 60Hz OC'd at 75 in front.

    The answer was simple... set both to 60Hz. Majority of game induced vertigo eliminated. I still get set off by crapping florescent lights at work and too much eye strain on typical state issue monitors, but at home it's far better.

    I suggest getting two monitors that you can sync refresh rates on, or turn off the secondary, but that is contrary to the objective. So... just keep in mind that this could happen. I replaced the tv/monitor as I upgraded my main to a 27" IPS and have that at 60 with my 24" TN at 60. No issues now.
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