I want advice, should I go 21.5" 75hz or a 24" 60hz

Should I go for a 21.5" 75hz or 24" 60hz display. I have an i5 6500 and msi rx480 8gb. Which would be better more hz or bigger screen?
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  1. Depends on what you prefer. I would rather have the larger screen than 15 more frames.

    What do you use it for?
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    If both monitors are 1080p resolution, then the 24" screen will be better. An RX 480 is already a good card for 1080p/60Hz. Some GPU-hungry games with an RX 480 on Ultra might not even reach fast 60fps. Unless your desk space is restricted, the 1080p works best at the sweet-spot ~23" to 24" sized-screen.
  3. Depends what games you are playing. Anything other than CS:GO probably won't need anything higher than 60fps.
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