Watercooling a CM Storm Stryker


Built my computer back in december 2011 and since then I haven't removed/replaced any of the cooling components, and as I'm slowly replacing the other components in my system I figured the cooling options are next in line.

So to my main problem.. does anyone have experience with mounting a 280mm rad to the front of the CM Storm Stryker to replace the two stock fans on the HDD case? I've been searching around a bit and can't find anything about anyone mounting it on the front like that and I want to know if its possible before I go around buying anything as it will matter to what quantity of other fans I buy. Currently I have a Corsair H60 in my system, but its getting kinda old and I'm starting to question its reliability, fittings and all.

Any or all knowledge is welcome, tho I am not in a hurry to do anything about it as I'm planning to hope for fans/rads to be on a weekend sale or discounted in any way.
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