Work and Gaming: GPU port display vs onboard mobo display

Is there a way I can connect the monitor to the GPU and the motherboard at the same time:

I'm assuming 3 possibilities:

1. possibly using a compatible splitter or some sort (if they exist)
2. a sole GPU port connection which in return recognises the mobo display too from which profiles can be set up to switch between the 2 per selected applications?
3. a monitor with 2 display inputs, one for the GPU and the second for the mobo display (if possible)

Ideally, I don't want to hear the GPU running when using basic infant-demanding applications for work and the idea of manually switching between the 2 is a no-go.

If it helps, my partpicker list:
(please note: 3 monitors are listed, im only buying one according to the budget. I selected 3 to choose 1)

Also a pic of the IO on mobo:

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  1. Best answer
    With a 1060 I doubt you would hear it at all for browsing tasks.

    To answer your question though, no there is no way to use both usually the MB GPU gets disables the moment a GPU is connected.
  2. At least on haswell era boards there was a way to use both the parts but not sure if that works with newer gen parts

    Even if it was possible it would due nothing to solve your issue.
    The GPU is not going to make any noise level difference between idle and general displaying on 3 monitors, thus it will make the same amount of noise regardless.

    The only "solution" is to remove the GPU whenever you dont want to use it.
  3. oh! I actually thought it was possible

    I tend to leave my computer on all the time, mostly idle, could this have an adverse affect on the GPU in the long run? For work purposes, my cloud storage is constantly being updated from international suppliers hence I leave it on all-night too. As long as the GPU is quiet during these lesser demanded tasks and maintains it's performance in the long run - it should be fine!
  4. Do some reviews on 1060's and pick yourself one that has good reviews for cooling and quiet.
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