Which monitor is better for gaming

I was wondering, if a 22'' monitor (1680 x 1050) with a 1ms response time is better for gaming than a 24'' (1920x1080) with a 5ms response time.

Wanting to do dual-monitors and connect one to the MOBO with iGPU to surf the web and watch videos etc. and the other to the GPU to play games, yes I REALLY have use for searching up stuff/watching videos while I play.
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  1. no.

    i doubt you can tell a difference.
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    Use the 1080p monitor as your primary monitor.

    The 5ms might mean it's an IPS monitor with better color and viewing angles, but regardless even if it DID have a little more blur/ghosting than the 1ms monitor the size and pixel count is important. Gaming lower than 1080p can suck, especially if the HUD/TEXT elements are small.

    I believe my monitor is 8ms and there's only a small amount of blur/ghosting which I notice in some movies but rarely in video games.
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