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hi, hope i picked the right category, recently i switched from console to PC, i have majority of the PC parts i want where i am happy, but i have caught the water cooling bug now and wanted a few specific questions answered.

1. Is there such thing as too much tubing to the point where the loop wont be effective? i want to go crazy with a glass loop but was wondering if there is a limit per pump for example, picked glass cos it looks better with fluids from what i have seen.

2. haven't made a decision on fittings yet but LED fittings look cool, i have little experience on power wiring but what i was wondering was where would i plug all my pumps, my LED fittings,fans, into? i know motherboards have some connectors but i don't know how to do research on it since i don't know what to look for hope i have explained enough.

i7 6700 (will be upgrading to a "k" processor closer to water loop build)

msi z270 gaming 7

msi gtx 1070

16 gb ram @1069MHz (would this ram be subtitle it was passed on to me)

256GB Crucial

1tb Samsung SSD 850 EVO
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  1. there is no such thing as "to much tubing length" unless it is all vertical - pumps have "head pressure" parameter. But the use of turns (90 or 180) implies flow restrictions. So unless you want to build a "showoff" system with multiple pumps, you'd be better to make the loop as short as possible without unnecessary turns/bends.

    there are powered fan hubs that the lights/fans can be connected to.
  2. thanks so much for that :)
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