Post your favourite old-school video games that had unreal graphics at the time.

for me it's the half-life series the engine they used was good I remember spending a few months just messing around because the game is so good I don't wanna finish it but I still want to progress little bit.

I don't know about this one but I think halo 2 was pretty decent as well and max Payne series

left 4 dead too.

let me know your pick and I might try it for old times sake :)
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  1. The original Serious Sam.
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    Sublogic Flight Simulator

    Saw it for the first time on an Apple II. This is a computer which could barely do animated sprites.

    And here it was doing wireframe 3D graphics in real time and a half-decent aerodynamic simulation at the same time.

    Version 2 added recognizable geographic scenery (Chicago, Midway airport, Lake Michigan, Sears Tower) and an instrument panel including VOR indicators.

    All this in 1979 (1983 for V2). A year before Battlezone and Pac-Man. More than a decade before Wolfenstein 3D.
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  3. When Grand Theft Auto 3 came out it blew my mind.
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  4. Old games? Yup max Payne, original Op Flashpoint from Bohemia, Farcry 1, No One Lives Forever, original MAFIA with LS3D engine
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