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I have a 144hz viewsonic monitor, gtx 970, 12gb of ram and amd fx 63500 cpu everything is new ecxept the ram but over the last 2 weeks during overwatch my screen went pixelated and blurry for no reason, I tthough was maybe the game but when i closed my game down the text on my screen and i everything looks terrible, I pulled my display port cable out ,no signal but when i reboot my pc i get a signal and no blur or pixelation anymore. This has happend to me twice now kinda gotten me worries.
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  2. My guess is it's the screen. Try another. Once a screen has been used for 2-3 years you want a backup.
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    I think it is your graphics card.Have you overclocked your gtx 970.It is not your screen for that I am sure try using another gpu.If problem still exist please post.(also I see you have mixed ram try using single ram if problem still exist remove first one and insert 2nd one and then again try.)
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