CS:GO lag spikes with decent hardware and internet

Hello guys!
I am playing cs:go at 250/300 fps and 30/40 ms ping than it keeps the fps and the ping but i have like a brake... (the game continue smooth, i continue listening at my team mates but they can´t ear me... I check the fps and they keep same as the ping. I checked everything (temps, ram usage, cpu usage, gpu usage) i have even reinstalled windows and all the programs (including GTA V that I need a complete day to install it)
Some of you can help me?
I am a competitive player (mg2 ranked) and I get banned a lot of times because of the lag spikes.
I even tryed to restart the game during he mm when i have the lag spikes but it doesn't work...
I have read that a vpn can help... Is it real?? (which 1 should i chose for my self... free if possible)
I will apreciate all the answers :D
In-game settings:
THX <3
(PS: I have cable connected):
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    I'd say that upload is killing you, but try turning everything to low. MIGHT help, but that upload seems damn low imo
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