Need a £150 1080p gaming monitor to complete my pc puzzle

So, I'm wanting to buy the best 1080p pc monitor I can for than less £150.

I'll be playing games such a CSGO and Dead by Daylight and potentially much more demanding games while also wanting to record in 1080p. Another thing too mention is that i'll be going for a 60-75Hz setup.

I must of looked at 15-20 monitors in the last few days but can't make my mind up on certain things...

1) Is IPS worth it? Especially when considering i'm playing FPS shooters and planning to look at the screen straight and not at 45 degrees angles XD

With that does IPS have any disadvantages for gaming? Or is it just as good as standard TN

2) Response time I feel is more of a marketing strategy than a big advantage were input lag is more important. Are there any good Monitors with low input lag for this price range and other features i should be wary of?

I've selected a few that i'm thinking of looking into and would appreciate everybody's opinion and also if you think there are better monitors around...

BenQ RL2455HM




AOC Vesa I2369VM


One final thing is that I will be running with a Gigabyte 1060 GPU which will do more than 60fps in most games so know i'll be restricted somewhat with FPS with a 60Hz Monitor.

I'd appreciate any feedback and will reply promptly. :)


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  1. I don't know if response time is just smoke and mirrors or not but best to get the lowest anyway, I imagine it makes the difference when gaming. I don't have much knowledge of IPS but it seems that it's just for stuff like photo editing and all that. TN is probably best for you if you're gaming, no reason to think about IPS at all. Just get the Benq, it's the only 24 inch monitor out of the three and it's also the only one that has 1ms response time. Should work wonders for ya. I got a Benq monitor a couple years ago and it hasn't failed me yet.
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