Which is best monitor under 220$ for better gaming and picture quality

I currently have decade old Hp lcd monitor its only 19 inch and supports 1440x900p. I have visited my local markets and some option are here

1. Asus vx 239(23 inch ,full hd, IPS , 5m/s) price 180$
2. Samsung s24d390hl (24inch,full hd, pls,5 ms) price 150$(2month used)
3. Hp 23vx ( 23 inch, FHD, IPS, 7ms) u2412m (24 inch,FHD, IPS, 8 ms) price 80$-used

I dnt live in USA so prices are more higher here. Is there any other gaming monitor you would like to suggest me
I prefer anything bigger than 23inch, full hd 1980x1080p, still not sure about Ips or TN panel. I dnt play competitive games like cs go. I play GTA V, hitman, tombs raider, witchers 3

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  1. If you don't play any games where reaction time is super critical, then I might go for that used Dell and save some cash for future upgrades. Seems like a pretty good deal assuming that it's in good condition; Dell monitors are known for excellent color quality, not so much fast response times.
  2. Yes but that dell model is pretty old ( from 2011) also 7 ms response time sound like not a good deal for gamers... even though its ips

    Can you suggest me any other good monitor under 220$ for games likes gta5 and skyrim?
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    Take a look at the Dell UltraSharp U2414H, it's about $220, and very nice for the price. It's advertised at 8ms response time, but TFTCentrals testing show it performing at 4ms with only 1 frame of input lag. Which is very good for IPS.
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