what do I need to buy-to use a microphone on windows 10 on a 3 year old hp intel desktop?

How do we speak through a microphone, when our computer & speakers, have none? Do we need buy one? What should we look for? Our computer is a 2013 model desktop HP Intel with recently installed upgrade to windows 10. It came with Windows 8.1 if that will help anyone with suggestions or answers ?
Thank You-an elderly couple. J & C Clark Toronto Ontario.
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  1. First, check the back of your computer, there should be a couple of 3.5mm jacks for speakers (line out black) and a microphone (pink). Some PC's also have these jacks on the front as well. In any case, if so, just get a basic, generic mic w/ a 3.5mm plug.

    What program will be recording your video and audio?
  2. They also make USB microphones.
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