1080 does not seem to running on my new PC build

Hi guys,

I have for the first time built a gaming PC with a friend who knows more than i do as i am a newby at this. The settings for both the graphics card and monitor state that it is running in 1920x1080 but when using Windows 10 the words all seem a little blurry and when playing videos in HD it doesn't seem to be as clear as HD,
I am not sure what i am missing. Can anyone possibly help with a solution to this problem as it is frustrating as i can't really play games because of the poor quality.
I have listed my PC components below... If you need any more info please ask :)

Motherboard - Asus Z170-A
Processor - Intel i5-6500
Graphics Card - MSI AMD RX480 8gb
Windows 10
Hard drive - Samsung SSD 850 evo 250gb
Monitor - BenQ EW2440 24 inch

Thanks and regards

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  1. How do you have the monitor connected to the Graphics Card?
  2. Are there adjustments for the monitor itself?
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