No signal on TV when trying to recconect a second time via HDMI to Linux PC

Hi, I recently built a Linux machine running Xubuntu and I use it as a HTPC. When I switch my TV on to HDMI 4 (the Linux machine) and then turn on my PC, everything works fine. However, if I switch let say only for only a second to a different component say HDMI 3 and then come back to HDMI 4 (The PC), the TV cant detect the PC anymore even when moving the mouse or using the keyboard. I want to be able to keep that PC running all the time.

any suggestions will help, thanks

I should also mention that there is no graphics card but only an A4 APU
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    It's probably a driver issue. Linux is pretty obnoxious to troubleshoot, I'd suggest finding a forum for your distro (or the ubuntu forums) and posting there.
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