Blinking underscore after uninstalling gpu driver, can't get into bios

Hi, I uninstalled my gpu driver by accident and my screen turned black, so I decided to restart my laptop and go back to latest restore point. But I just can't, because as soon as I turn on my laptop, there's white underscore in left top corner, on black screen. I can't do anything, even get into bios. I have 2 disks in it, one ssd and one hdd. System is on ssd, but I have also old system on hdd, so I disconnected ssd and turned it on, but nothing changed. But when I disconnect hdd and connect ssd and then turn it on, it says there's mbr missing. No matter what I do, I still can't get Into bios.
Laptop - Samsung 700g7a with i7-2670qm, HD 6970, 16gb ram.
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  1. Ugh. Let me guess. You originally had a HDD and booted the OS off of it. Then you added the SSD and moved the boot OS onto it.

    Well, surprise. You were still booting off the HDD. Starting with Windows Vista, Windows could be installed on a non-boot drive (it's still displayed as C: though). What happens is the MBR and boot files are still on the HDD. The laptop boots off the HDD, the boot files say to start the OS on the SSD, the computer finds the OS there and boots it. That is why trying to boot with just the SSD says the MBR is missing.

    Somehow, the process of uninstalling your GPU driver messed up the boot files on the HDD. You need to repair that. Ideally you'd create a bootstrap on the SSD and boot off that. But being that this is a laptop, it may not let you change the boot order for internal devices. So you may have to just repair it on the HDD to restore your old boot configuration.

    You don't say which version of Windows you have, but the procedure is similar for 7, 8.x, and 10. You need to boot off an install DVD or USB stick (or if Windows 8.x or 10, get into recovery mode if that's still possible). Go into recovery mode instead of install mode. Then run bootrec.exe in a command prompt with a few options to recreate these boot files.

    A quick Google search says entering the BIOS on a Samsung notebook usually requires holding down F2 or Fn+F2.
  2. No m8, It wasn't booting from HDD cause it was formatted after installing OS on SSD :P
    But i kinda fixed it, just swapped both disks in their places, IDK why but it's working for now :P

    And none of your solution would work, as long as i said that i literally couldn't do anything, including enterint bios, this blinking underscore was just after i click power button
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