MSI z170A - Bent CPU socket pins upon arrival - newegg :(

So my MSI z170A M5 arrived today from NewEgg. This was rush delivered as its the last piece to finally get my computer built. As I was unpacking it I noticed a couple things..

No cellophane wrap around the Mobo box. Aren't these usually sealed?

A 3"-4" long slice/cut on the side of the box (did someone cut open the packaging i wonder?)

As everything inside the box seemed to be in order I got set up to start going through everything and installing parts.
Next thing I do is open the cover to the CPU socket, only to find a bunch of bent pins!! I'm no expert, but something tells me this is NOT good.

Any input or experience replacing an item through Newegg? I tried to contact their customer service but they are closed for today. Pretty frustrating... especially considering how much more time this means without a functioning computer, and that my money spent on 1 day shipping was a complete waste. I just hope NewEgg is able to fix this for me, and this doesn't turn in to a manufacturer warranty/replacement ordeal. UGH.

Thanks in advance for any input or experience you're willing to share!
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  1. No they aren't sealed. Bent pins are hard to get a return on , since most of the time they believe it's builder error.

    I hope they help you out.
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  2. Hello mang0z, I apologize that you were stuck in this situation . Please send us an email at with the subject line “Tomshardware” along with your order number and a link to this post so we can take a look. -Patrick (Newegg_Support)
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  3. Just wanted to update this to let everyone know Newegg refunded the Motherboard. No hassle.

    Thankful for their kind customer support!
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