What's the best cheapest backup software for making a 1:1 copy of the Windows 10 Start Menu?

It doesn't look like Windows 10 engineers are ever going to support start menu backup natively, so it's well enough time to start looking into 3rd party options.

I love my start menu setup but I want to upgrade my SSD from 240 GB to 1TB.

So I ask: What's the best, cheapest, backup software for making a 1:1 copy of the Windows 10 Start Menu, without necessarily storing the actual app files? Like Windows 8.1 did it.
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  2. USAFRet said:

    Thanks @USAFRet, but those techniques seem to be permanent (meaning they are permanently locked after importing). I want something less restrictive (meaning, I can still modify as much, and as often as I wish on both the source and destination PC's).
  3. I've not had the need to do this, but it would seem that after exporting to a different system, you could modify on the targt system as needed.
    Or on the source system, modify and then export again.

    You could even probably make a powershell script, and run that as a scheduled task to output to some other system.
  4. USAFRet said:

    None of those suggestions really work, because, if you don't have the exact same apps already installed on your target PC, it creates a bunch of dirty, non-working links, that may even result in you having to reinstall your os.
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