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  1. I my self have to go with the good old Konami Code (up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A)
  2. The best cheat code is one you make yourself. I used to own a DS hacking kit. The first thing I used it for was to get infinite eggs in Yoshi Touch 'N' Go.
  3. The only one I can think of ever using is the old Konami code. Most of those old arcade-style games were almost impossible to finish casually without it.
  4. Definitely the code to remove all stars in any of the Grand theft Auto games. It can make for a ton of fun when you can constantly be a destructive as you want with no repercussions.
  5. I've heard this iteration being a lot better than the original, so I'll put my hat in the ring.




    Coz I used to (Ha! like that changed) suck at FPS.
  6. JUMPJET- Good ol' Hydra always comes handy in San Andreas
  7. Using the S.o.F cheat in Jedi Knight and Jedi Academy was the best fun ever, nothing quite compares to dismembering a Stormtrooper with a Lightsaber IMHO.
  8. Currently I'd say the best "cheat-code/hacks" are console commands in Fallout 4 :lol: and this command line argument for Dishonored 2 : +com_showLoadingScreen 0. Really impressed with the game, congrats to all the companies that had a finger in it, I don't want to watch your logos for 3 minutes every time I start the game ;)

    From "yester-year" my favorite cheats would be the ones in the Mechwarrior series. "inmybeautifulballoon" (jumjets on Mechs with no jumpjets) "mightymouse" (infinite jumpjets) ", "coldmiser/burr" (no heat tracking), "cia" (infinite ammo). There were a bunch more and some useful ones for freecams and interesting level events (like nukes ;) )

    Nice to see that the old "Super Contra" code and IDDQD and IDKFA are already listed. Using the Id codes in other games often results in some funny results. Mechwarrior will tell you "This ain't DOOM, boy!" :lol:

    Didn't anyone else ever use the command line argument "/goobers" on Wolfenstein3D? and then press "Ctrl" + "Alt" + "Tab" to turn on console/debug commands? LOL

    Also, don't know if it counts but I spent countless hours in the editors for Master of Magic, Civilisation and X-Wing. But maybe those don't count as cheats/hacks ;)
  9. up, up, down, down, left right, left, right, A, B first in Contra....
    show me the money in StarCraft.....
  10. engry birds epic. theere are players that are cheating and have heros with very good power.within the game, those that are connected with the cheaters can use the cheaters heros. so, i was able to very easely progress in the game with little effort
  11. _Johnny5 said:
    What's the best hack, cheat, or code in a video game? What's your favorite one from yesteryear?
    i would initially go with others and the Contra gamepad cheat. but thinking back to those days and my Game Genie, i would have to go with the Game Genie options as my favorite and the best.
    now we have a similar option for some PC games, Cheat Engine. software that allows you to record game data and enter/alter the game's information for character editing and other "cheat" options.

    i try to avoid cheating through or reading walkthroughs with any games anymore, unless it's to fix a bug or correct a slight annoyance. i'd rather enjoy the story the way the writer/developer intended most times now. it may be a fun experience starting an RPG with 100,000 credits and @ level 30 but it ruins a lot of the character progression in those types of games and takes away a lot of the intended experience for me.
    and cheating in MP matches is just stupid with any game.
  12. I loved the cheat code "CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG" from GTA: San Andreas! Last year I didn't use any cheat codes but a few trainers. I love the trainers made by Fling! Love his work.
  13. GOD in the original Commander Keen trilogy was a fun one, but of course I'm partial to a few others -

    IDSPISPOPD from Doom for noclip
    ALIFALAFEL from Descent II for all accessories
    HONESTBOB from Descent II for all weapons.
  14. Many seem to post the famous "up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A" Contra cheat. (its first B then A).
    This also worked in Probotector in Gameboy and SNES. But it could help you choose which stage you will start. For 9 lives like Contra, you would need "up, up, up, up, down, down, down, down, left, left, left, left, right, right, right, right".

    Since I like more the funny cheats, I would say the cheat "CMGARAGE" from TOCA Touring Car, which would allow you to race against others with a... tank. Instead of horn, you could blast the opponents. :P

    Honorable mention to "pow" in Age of Empires, which you could summon a baby with a minigun and to easter eggs from Larry 7.
  15. The god mode !!! In quake II ;-)
  16. Maybe this doesn't count but, my favourite hack-type-thing in a game was exploring the outer areas the maps that you weren't supposed to get to in the Halo series. In particular, a highlight was jumping across rooftops in the 2nd level of Halo 2.
  17. IDDQD and AoE2 Cobra Car.
    I havent used any cheats or hacks in last year.
  18. My favorite cheats were the warp whistles from super mario 3. And thank goodness for p-wings because I couldn't beat the last map without a couple.
  19. 'tcl' in Skyrim/Fallout. Stuck on a rock? Fallen down a hole? Follower in the way? Want to get to that ledge 3 stories up? tcl is your savior.
  20. Oh geez, do I have to pick one?

    Big head mode for Goldeneye 007
    Turning Banjo-Kazooie into a washer
    Debug for Genesis-era Sonic games
    'Show me the Money' (10k gas/min) + 'Power Overwhelming' (invincible) on Starcraft 1

    These were all fun in their own regard, but you know what really takes the cake?

    Missingno./Old man glitch from Pokemon Red/Blue, because who doesn't want 127 Master Balls or Rare Candies? Just don't wreak your save.
  21. megajynx said:

    Missingno./Old man glitch from Pokemon Red/Blue, because who doesn't want 127 Master Balls or Rare Candies? Just don't wreak your save.

    The best part of this cheat or hack, whichever you prefer to call it, was the challenge of achieving it, that is the challenge posed to a child. I don't know how older folk fared, but when I successfully got Missing No. and all those master balls and rare candies I felt so proud. If I remember correctly, the cheat was only available near the end of the game anyways. You didn't miss out on the challenge of leveling out your pokemon by using this hack.
  22. My favorite cheat code is the KONAMI code. Well, now I use cheat engine for most games.
  23. I don't really use hacks anymore but there's a couple of save editors I used to use for games like Baldur's Gate and Jagged Alliance 2. In fact I still use JAPE whenever I play JA2 so I don't have to mess with the stupid questionnaire at the beginning of the game. And I used a Baldurs gate Editor just so I could quickly finish the main story after spending almost a year on it. Also FALCHE; the Fallout Character Editor. And FALCHE2.

    From way back in the day I remember 2:

    ABBA "Start" for Ikari Warriors. That gave you unlimited continuations and I'm pretty sure there was no real end to the game; my NES PSU almost burst into flames using this code.

    I also remember ABBACAB for Shadowrun on the Sega Genesis. This code let you choose from a list of cheats like extra money or skill points. I remember it also worked in the WinGen emulator ROM.
  24. I loved the mcfly cheat in Skate 3. I had so much fun with this game
  25. I'm also going to go with the doom classics, IDKFA, IDDQD so many years later and they still come to mind!
  26. ~ GODMODE
    In any classic Valve game was pretty good.

    Or just:
    ~ KILL
    to get out of bad situations and to avoid long death animations.
  27. Warcraft 3 cheat-codes. If I had to pick a specific one, then it would probably be "warpten". Seriously, this made the game much more enjoyable in the Custom mode.
  28. IDDQD and AoE2 Cobra Car.
    best everrrrrrrr
  29. The konami code is a personal favorite as of recently: If you tell it to an amazon echo there is a nice little easter egg.

    Overall I would have to go with the SC2 cheats for money etc.
  30. I'd have to go with good old IDDQD
  31. so, me with my friends begun to play cs 1.6 and i was knowing how to use cheats. they have discovered that i am cheating because i was not playing very well and i was winning almost always :) good times to be the best among them and have the emotions to be better that the others :)
  32. I think the most fun I ever had with codes in game was in the old "ratchet and clank: size matters" on PSP. I don't even remember how to unlock them anymore, whether it was plain butt tons of bolts or achievements or giant bolts, but I managed to unlock the code called big heads or something like that. It basically made all enemies into boble heads, with heads as big as the body was tall, and it was hilarious. Hardly a cheat, because by the time you can access the codes, you already have maxed guns, armor, and wrench so it is already easy mode, but still, I found it a hilarious distraction on my second or third run through when I was hunting all the giant bolts
  33. The best cheats were in GTA 3. My brother and I used to use the "Everyone Has Weapons" and "Everyone is crazy" cheats then try to survive the chaos.
  34. I remember being a young boy with my NES and my father and I used to play Super C together. We could never get to far but always had alot of fun. He would never let us cheat, which I thought was "up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, a, b, a,b, select, select, start" .. anyway, one day while my father was at work I was playing WITHOUT cheating and I beat the game!! Probably the first game I had ever beat. I was so excited to tell my Dad when he got home from work. Jeez, the dissappointment. He didnt believe that I actually was able to beat the game, and swore that if I had beaten the game then I did so only by cheating. Thanks Dad, for not patting me on the back. I dont think even today, 20+ years later, that he believes I was able to beat it.. :-(
  35. For me, the most memorable codes were in Need For Speed 2: Special Edition.

    Back in 1999, i was playing NFS2:SE with my friend on same PC in split-screen mode and we used different codes to make the gameplay more fun.

    "rushhour" was must have since it created traffic jams out of AI cars on the track. And for our vehicle, we used the "go18" to "go51" codes. For example, "go42" give us tall wooden box as a vehicle that was easy to flip over.

    Also the engine power and weight was different for each code vehicle. If my memory serves me well, the "go45" had weak engine. It's green grocery stand. We raced in Monolithic Studios bonus track and there was one steep grade hill. On it's own, the green grocery stand wasn't able to get up from that hill. I was pushed behind from AI traffic car and managed to get up the hill while my friend was left behind. That was a lot of fun. :D

    Friend's favorite track to race on was Last Resort while mine was Outback.

    I still love listening the game OST. It brings back many good memories. For me, the main theme of NFS2:SE is 2nd best game OST of all time,

    Best being the Deus Ex main theme,
  36. One of the most memorable cheat codes I remember from back when I was a kid was the Ikari Warriors level select code. It was so long with such a short time limit, it was kind of like a mini-game in itself that I could never complete. That's why I could never complete Ikari Warriors . . it took three hours just to get to the end, and then the game would crash on me. If I could get the code to work, I probably could've saved an hour or two. Anyway, the full code was (copy-paste): Up, Down, A, A, B, Left, Right, A, B, Up, A, Down, Right, Right, Left, B, Up, Left, A, Right, B, Left, Right, A, Left, Up, A, Down, A, Right, Left, B, Start within 20 seconds or so at the start screen

    Another game I remember as a kid with some fun cheat codes was Rise of the Triad. My cousin and I used to go to a website called . . I think it was happypuppy or something like that? . . and go through the dozens of codes this game had. 20 years later and I don't remember any of them, except "86me" . . which wasn't that helpful though since it caused an instant death. :P
  37. My favourite way to hack/cheat is with cheat engine. There something ever so slightly exciting about hunting for the right values to modify.....
    From yester-year it would have to be PANDORAS BOX in age of mythology. If you were egyptian and got the two pharaoh upgrade, you could have infinite sons of osiris XD Oh! and O CANADA, who doesn't love a Canadian laser bear?
  38. When I was a kid I used a couple of cheats in RTS games mainly, no invincibility or something like that which would render the game boring and one sided, but mostly cheats that granted vision (whoisyourdaddy - warcraft 3, www - cossacks for example) or resources potofgold, glittering prizes, greedisgood - wc1-2-3). These cheats still kept the games fun, after i've learned how to set up a nice economy in the games i've never used them again.
  39. Oh man, cheat codes feel like a thing of the past. There are definitely some fun memories there.

    I used to play Age of empires a lot, and I remember that things could get a bit silly when we started using cheat codes in multiplayer. It all starts tame, throwing around some PEPPERONI PIZZA, but by the end we have fleets of BIGDADDY, E=MC2 TROOPER, FLYING DUTCHMAN or some other silly unit.

    We didn't use HOME RUN because we were respectable, you know. :D

    And if I'm listing so many cheats it's because, let's be honest, we never used just one. But Age of empires just had great names for cheats. :D
  40. Q2 CTF

    Bind 1 "play quad60.wav ; say_team [QUAD] --> 60 sec"
    bind 2 "play quad30.wav ; say_team [QUAD] --> 30 sec"
    bind 3 "play quad60.wav ; say_team Enemy [QUAD] --> 60 sec"
    bind 4 "play quad30.wav ; say_team Enemy [QUAD] --> 30 sec"
    bind 5 "play ps60.wav ; say_team (PS) --> 60 sec"
    bind 6 "play ps60.wav ; say_team Enemy (PS) --> 60 sec"
  41. No one can beat GTA cheat codes for weapons, money and cars! Vice city, San Andreas, GTA IV and then GTA V! Cheat code game strong!

    and oh, how can we forget Red dead redemption if I am a fan of Rockstar games!
  42. The best one is whatever makes physics unstable, like random kicks in someone's back and making them flyyyyy :D
  43. GTA5 : Invincibility Right, X, Right, Left, Right, R1, Right, Left, X, Triangle
  44. What about the Missingo cheat in Pokemon Red/Blue

    128 x whatever item is 6 down in your bag

    Talk to the old man in Viridian city about how to catch a Pokemon

    Then fly to Cinnabar island and surf up the east coast until Missingo appears.

    You now have 128 of whatever item you placed 6 down. (Usually good old rare candys)
  45. I remember using game shark on my n64 for legend of Zelda oot back in the day I personally love the sword glitch for oot back then to make it dissappear
  46. So many to choose from. Love the classics of the Konami code and big head modes. Then there was paintball for golden eye. "There is no cow level" from Starcraft
  47. Eh my favorite cheat is definitely using a trainer in MechWarrior: mercenaries to remove the weight limit for mechs so you can put 4 PPCs and maximum armor or things like 3 heavy gauss cannons on certain mechs that basically allow you to one shot any other mech no matter where you hit it.
  48. I had the most fun with the old Quake 3 Arena console commands. Did multiplayer with a couple of friends, one of whom was new to the game. Occasionally used keyboard aliases to instantly multiply gravity when it looked like he was going to jump across something, then set it back to normal :D The frustration evident in his voice was totally worth it.
  49. Carmageddon 2, LAPMYLOVEPUMP. Debug mode. Awesome pile of cheats in there. lol
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