selling ssd's and hdd's , best way to wipe out data?


I'm selling my old home PC computer which includes an SSD that had the operating system and some other data which is considered sensitive and one HDD that included a lot of sensitive data.

the computer will be sold to a total stranger (probably) and so I don't want them to have an option to recover that data.

I really need the money.

I've done some googling and found that wiping out data using a software called DBAN is one of the best ways to do it.

what number of passes is best for me? 1 pass enough? do I need 3 ?
also what is "secure erase function" on SSD and do I need in my case ?

I need the SSD and HDD to still work after this process of course... they are part of the deal I'm selling
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  1. yes dban (boot and nuke) is fine for the hard drives

    if it was sensitive data 3 passes should be plenty

    for the ssd the manufacturer should have a secure erase software

    i assume you will be able to reinstall windows if thats part of the deal?

    or if not install linux so they can see the pc actually works ok
  2. seems to be a little problem: my SSD which is a crucial M4-CT128M4ssd2 doesn't seem to have a manufacturer secure erase software...

    any ideas?
  3. isnt this what you want?

    should have the secure erase in that though might be called something different never had crucial ssd
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