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  1. It has to be Lara Croft. I mean she's bad ass, and seems she never gets old. Not to mention, not many people fought a T-Rex.
  2. Well the best Tomb Raider is Link, but Lara is more badass, so she's more legit.
  3. Lara Croft is the best. Her "I only play for sport" and "I make my own luck" pretty much sums it up. Those endless hours of exploration in Tomb Raider 2 and the Last Revelation are unforgettable
  4. None of the above. That honor would go to Howard Carter who discovered King Tut's tomb in 1922.
  5. My favorite tomb raider would have to be Indiana Jones. He is hands down the coolest of all in every way.

    I don't have anything against Lara Croft but I like my pr0n to come straight with it instead of pretending and covering up just the "pink parts" :lol:
  6. Lara Croft is my favourite, amazing the transformation these games have made over the years!
  7. Daniel Jackson for TV
    Indiana Jones for Film
    Lara Croft for games
  8. I prefer Lara Croft since gaming is my main hobby and the original trilogy were exactly my 4th, 5th and 6th PC games I got when I finally jumped to PC on 98.
  9. Definitely Lara Croft. No other "Tomb Raider" is anywhere near as awesome as she is. Indiana Jones may be more recognizable, but Lara would take him in a fight any day.
  10. Lara Croft easily. Can't say Tomb Raider without picturing Lara.
  11. I think of Nathan Drake (uncharted series). I love his humour, and honestly, the fact that he seems to constantly end up in the creepiest possible places holds a strange type of fascination for me. Also, it's like he has bionic hands or something, because he can hold on to anything, no matter what the conditions are, for example: gripping vertical steel pipe, covered in ice and rust, in a freezing blizzard, above a seemingly bottomless drop, after having been shot and having lived through a violent explosion and train crash.
  12. I would choose Lara Croft :)
  13. Definitely Lara Croft but Indiana Jones take on the Nazis while getting Hitlers autograph is pretty cool.
  14. I'm going with my character in Skyrim. Do you know how many tombs he had to raid in order to get all the Dragon Priest helmets? It was a lot. He also raided a lot of tombs just for the fun of it.
  15. For tombs I would say croft, mostly for ease.

    However, if we include dungeons (close enough) has to be the nephalems from the diablo series.
  16. Gonna have to go with Lara Croft, although if we broaden it to D&D, then perhaps Drizzt.
  17. Lara Croft, for sure.
  18. Lara Croft obviously. Tomb raider is synonymous with her!
  19. I prefer Indiana Jones.
    Steven Spielberg and George Lucas created such a masterpiece.
    And that godly music theme...
  20. I would say the best is Indiana Jones, although i haven't played most Tomb Rider Games (only the first 2).
  21. Lara croft of course even tho not the best experience what she goes though is random like hings that can happen while uncovering a tomb unlike a lot of others she goes in not knowing what to expect and things unfold in crazy ways makes a good story and a good game or movie. Honestly would Indiana Jones survived any of the tomb raider games? and star lord is to focused to space focused to even compare.
  22. Indiana Jones is the best "tomb raider" when it comes to the movies really - but if we're referring exclusively to games, nothing beats Lara Croft of course, best "tomb raiding"-themed games that exists :D
  23. Lara Croft is the best "Tomb Raider" as far as games are concerned. Indy is King of the Tomb Raiders of film with the best Trilogy (you heard me) committed to VHS. Cant stand the Tomb raider films tho. Maybe it because I played the games before seeing the films; makes me wonder if I saw the movie first if I would like it more than the games... something to ponder.
  24. Can't be anyone but Lara. She's the most complex character and I'm pretty sure she's done more tomb raiding than the rest of them put together...
  25. Lara Croft
  26. Lara croft, she can fight wolves and mummies on the same game
  27. Lara Croft, fighting against many enemies and making hard choices.
  28. Indiana Jones is the best tomb raider for movies.
    If we talk about games, Lara Croft would be the best tomb raider. Nathan Drake is a better raider, but he raids other places.
  29. Lara Croft in gaming
    Indiana Jones in film way :D
  30. Indiana Jones!
  31. Well there are loads. But if it helps me win this game I'd have to say Lara Croft...LOL.
    Well TBH she is good but in all reality Indiana Jones is the absolute best but only in the first three movies, after that they go down hill. What would be interesting is a Lara Croft/ Indiana Jones movie and video game team up. Personally Indiana Jones is more of a puzzle solver and Lara Croft is more of a in the action character so they are honestly two different types of Tomb Raiders.
  32. Indiana Jones. Without him, there probably wouldn't be a Lara Croft.
    Although I could see an argument in favor of Alan Quartermain from "King Solomon's Mines (1950)."
  33. Indiana Jones by miles.....
  34. Not sure if this is even fair. God vs Nazi Army vs Indiana Jones. Enough said.
  35. Indiana Jones because the gameplay history has impressed me the most
  36. Grew up with Lara and Indiana but definitely Lara for the sex appeal xd
  37. I want this game :D
  38. What about Pierre DuPont?

    I kid, of course. Lara Croft for sure.
  39. Starlord? Please. Although I don't think I can choose between Lara and Indiana, both hold fond memories for me. One a badass no nonsense tomb raider and the other a wise cracking blunderer who makes you wonder how he survives. They're both great in their different ways.
  40. If we're talking about games, the best tomb raider is Lara Croft. If we're talking about movies, nothing comes close to Indiana Jones. :D
  41. i was more impressed by indiana jones as the movie in my opinion had more specific things, like say indiana jones almost never used a gun, he was instead using a knife or soemthing antique or some trick. it was a more related to the say it was in egypt, then indiana jones was using some egipcian tools of thaat time.
  42. It has to be Indiana Jones for me. You just can't beat the classics!
    “Professor of Archaeology, expert on the occult, and how does one say it… obtainer of rare antiquities.”
  43. Does Nathan Drake count? If so then he is the best!
  44. Scrooge McDuck from DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp!

    I don't the best basis of comparison because I've never played a Tomb Raider. I don't know how this happened, but somehow a fantastic series has slipped past me. My friend/neighbor has the first of the reboots ('Tomb Raider') on his steam and we family share, I've heard great things and look forward to playing it after I beat Stick of Truth.
  45. My favorite is Lara Croft because she has been through more adventures over the last 20 years than Nathan Drake and Indiana Jones combined!
  46. Star Lord the legendary outlaw is the best by far.
  47. The best tomb raider is definitely double helix de-CRYPT-ion nothing says tomb raider quite like genome sequencing ones ancestry via ion semiconductor sequencing decrypting your DNA's double helix. It's ok though Laura is a close second to tomb raiding Jurassic Park and the necromancy of dinosaurs.
  48. Lupin the 3rd would give Laura a run for her money though I'm quite certain Laura could manipulate his libido in the same way as define "best" Lupin the 3rd is probably the most talented puzzle solver, but easy enough to be willingly manipulated through enticement!
  49. Lara Croft as i always liked to see the shapes of her body (like big tits, etc) always bouncing in my screen :)
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