MSI 990FXA Gaming VRM run hotter than MSI 970A-G46?

So I had the MSI 970A-G46 with a 4350 in it. I bought an 8350 because I wanted more cores to help with some games. I did a lot of reading and found that everyone said that the motherboard I had would catch fire running the 8350 due to it only having 4+2 Power Phasing. However, I found that the BIOS version of my motherboard was supposed to support the 8350 according to MSI's web site. I was running the 4350 with OC turned on so it was running at 4.5 GHZ for months with no problem. So I turned off OC and put the 8350 in and cautiously ran it. I got HWMonitor and the TMPIN1 usually ran at 40C when the pc wasn't doing anything. Playing a game would cause it to climb but I was careful not to let it go above 70C. So anyway, I buy the MSI 990FXA Gaming motherboard because everyone recommended that chipset for running 8 core processors. I mistakenly thought that it had 8+2 Power Phasing but now I find out after I installed the thing that it's only 6+2. But my real concern in that the TMPIN1 temp sits at 60C while idle. That's 20C higher than the supposedly crappy motherboard that would catch fire. And now while searching for this issue, I find it's universally known that this 990FXA Gaming motherboard has this issue and a lot of people mount fans pointed at the heat sink. I ask myself why didn't I find this bit of info during my initial search before I bought the motherboard? And should I go back to the G46? I know this is mostly a rant, but anyone got any advice on what I should do?
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  1. Hello,

    I thing i understand your case.
    My first "to go" is, return the motherboard, just tell them you bought wrong one. Or it is broken or something :P.
    And get the right one.
    In no case go back to G46 with your 8 core. Its not good for that mother board and his poor VRM.

    I hoped this helped ^^

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