All Windows move to one screen after waking from sleep

I am running a dual monitor setup.I have two HP Pavilion xw monitors connected to my Graphics card (R9 290). One is connected with HDMI and the other is connected through a HDMI to DVI cable (because R9 290 only has one HDMI port).

When I wake up my monitors after it goes to sleep, all the open windows and desktop icons would move to the main monitor.

I am running Windows 10. I made sure that my graphic drivers are updated all the way.

Any idea of what is causing it?
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  1. Anyone know? I noticed it it happens too when I turn off one monitor and then reopen it, both monitors go black for a second and then all the windows move to one monitor.

    I moved the HDMI monitor to CPU from the graphics card. Nothing happens when I close that monitor and reopen it. The issue still persist when I close and reopen the monitor still connected to the Graphics Card.
  2. trick is to make sure that you dont put the laptop to sleep by closing its lid but rather by pressing down the power button or using the sleep command in the start menu.

    ps: "trick"
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