Which monitor is better for gaming?

I'm stuck between the Asus VS239H and the VC239H. The VC is slim and looks amazing but other than that I have no idea what the difference is. Also are these monitors great for gaming? I know they are only 5ms but I wanted an IPS monitor for a better display for those times I watch movies or do other things. The main factor is gaming though. Is a 5ms that different from a 1ms? Will I experience ghosting with either of these monitors? I'm also going to use this for my ps4 occasionally. Would 23 inches be a good size for me? (I've used a 15 inch laptop for like 10 years so I'm used to that size).
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  1. that 5ms is not noticeable!!!

    get the vc239g
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    1ms vs 4-5 ms is not noticeable. The fact that you are asking this and you play on console means you won't notice ghosting even if it happens right in front of you. 23"-24" is a great size for 1080p / PS4 gaming.
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