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  1. Skyrim is my favorite. No matter what direction I go, I always find something new. It would be easy to fast travel everywhere and just beat the game, or finish a quest, but you would miss so much of the world.
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  3. Skyrim, hands down. Everything about the game is amazing: the graphics, physics, vastness of the world, weapons, and armor. I have put many many hours into Skyrim and never fail to find something new and fun to do. I was also a huge fan of Oblivion, but the graphics put it in second place on my list.
  4. ESO! JK. Seriously though I have to go with skyrim. The first Elder scrolls game I played was Morrowind and while It was great I quickly found myself lost with little direction. I then played Oblivion also great however the leveling system really got to me. I ended up at a point where I couldn't kill anything because I tried to max out my character and ended up being a jack off all trades who got crushed by trolls. Skyrim came out and I fell in love. The ability to play any type of character and interchange on the fly with little consequence was an amazing time. And how can you forget dragons, DRAGONS!
  5. Morrowind. No contest. Yes its looks tired, there's no voice acting (very little) and feels cumbersome nowadays compared to modern games but the atmosphere, the story/lore and the cliff racers make this a fantastic fantasy game. Ok, maybe not the stinking cliff racers. I lost a good 3 years to this game with multiple characters one after the other. And with mods like MGSO it looks good again.

    The big secret to the elder scrolls games, for me anyway, is to not finish them. As weird as that sounds heres my reasoning. I played Morrowind for years but never finished the main quest. I would become godlike in game and just start a new game. As soon as I finished it something happened to the world and the need to play just fell away. The same happened in Oblivion and in Skyrim. It can't be a coincidence because it happen to all 3 games. Odd.

    tldr: Morrowind.
  6. Skyrim IMO. but skyrim is the only one i played but i played it back on console and it wasnt the greatest but it was defiantly better then the other one. Since im new to the whole gaming PC thing ive always wanted to re-try it since i here great things about it.
  7. Morrowind was definitely my favorite. I had tried the earlier games and could never get into them but Morrowind was the first big open adventure 3D RPG PC game I played that worked so well and I enjoyed so much.

    I have played Oblivion a couple times through and have started 4-5 characters in Skyrim, finishing one playthrough.
    But something about Morrowind's theme and the way the stories unfold still draws me in more than IV & V do. I can start a new character in Morrowind today and still feel very drawn in very quickly. But the graphics just do not hold my attention anymore like some newer engines and effects do which makes it impossible for me to get very far into the game these days.

    ...can't wait to see if SkyWIND actually ever achieves decent playability.
  8. I've only played Oblivion and I liked it. I hope I have the chance to play Skyrim! Thanks!
  9. _Johnny5 said:
    Of all the Elder Scrolls, which is your favorite, and why?

    I have to go with Oblivion. Skyrim has its strengths to be sure, but Skyrim always felt so limited. The removal of the create your own spells feature hit me hard.

    Why though? That is a good question. The default difficulty is a bit high - or so they say. See, the thing about Oblivion is that you are expected to enchant everything. Every time you close an oblivion gate you are given a high powered orb to enchant your gear with. Makes me think that people who claim it is too hard never even looked into basic mechanics.

    Anyway one of my favorite discoveries is you can actually create gear (totally legit!) that will give you over 100% chameleon effect. Not much compares to shooting some bandit wearing high end armor with a bow while sneaking and he runs up to where you are and just says "It must have been the wind". I gotta say that is some insane wind you have down here in the sewers. 3x crit strike in the head by a high level fire arrow. "It must have been the wind".

    Oh yeah and you could cast speed spells on your horse.
  10. Skyrim was my favorite overall because it was beautifully crafted graphically and the sound and voice overs, but also game play itself was very natural and intuitive and drew you in. I think you can argue though that part of what's good about Skyrim is also part of it's negative.

    In essence while the game is easy to get into it's very simple and casual much more so than the previous games in the series, but much like WoW and games that have really followed in their footsteps it's got far too much hand holding going on which while convenient isn't always a good thing it's not particularly rewarding and turns quests into feeling less like accomplishments and more like a list or chores to be performed rather than what they were intended to be challenges and adventures to overcome to figure out.

    The game also feels fairly linear it would be great if it could really change more every time you play through a section of the game based on your actions and adapt around those choices more rather than feeling predictable and scripted. I think as a gamer I want to get to the point where if I inquire about a quest to a NPC depending on the time of day in game and/or the NPC's mood that could retroactively change they'd offer me different tasks which themselves completing were tied to game changing reactions within the world so it's in a flux of constant ebb and flow change adapting at all times.

    That way every time you play the game would feel a bit different. If they could do something like that along with procedural generated NPC locations some could be partially fixed radius based vicinity such as a town or portion of a town like a bar it would spice a open world game like Skyrim up a lot. It would be fun to go into a bar in game and have it feel genuinely different every time for on some nights it could be calm and others a drunken NPC might pick a unprovoked fight with you and the guards would get involved and try to jail you both for it.

    All I'm saying really is that I think Skyrim is just another cog for Elder Scrolls it's got a lot of life left in it from a franchise standpoint for whatever sequel hopefully comes next. I think a lot of open world games are going to feel more life like and less scripted in the future it's just a matter of time and effort towards creating better simulated real life experiences within games themselves. It's not easy to replicate human thinking and interaction there is still a lot we don't know about ourselves in fact, but everyday we get closer to Skynet and our simulated Matrix like fantasy game worlds.
  11. Oblivion for it's 5$ horse armor
  12. I haven't payed any yet but Skyrim looks the shiz.
  13. It's definitely Skyrim, when I first played it, I was floored by the graphics, or maybe it was the arrow to the knee.
  14. Hope to win it. I just bought a new gaming pc soi can have those ultra graphics <3
  15. I have only ever played Skyrim, had alot of fun with it but not enough money to invest into any of the DLC.
  16. I only started playing the series with Morrowind. Of the three I have played the best has been Oblivion. The only problem it had was it's lousy voice acting. Skyrim simplified things way too much for my liking and Morrowind felt too annoying with it's over-simplistic combat and all that reading with almost no voice acting.
  17. I haven't played any yet, but from the looks of it, Skyrim would be my favorite since it has good graphic and seems interesting to play
  18. Skyrim is the only one that I've played, and I've enjoyed the time that I've played it.
  19. I had heard all the hype about Skyrim and how everyone loved it and decided I would never play it because I had never played an Elder scrolls game before and I was afraid I wouldn't understand what was going on. Thankfully Xbox live had it on sale one day for $15 so I was bored and bought it. Omg I am glad I did because it became one of my all time favorite games. I've now played 3 of the Elder scrolls games but Skyrim will be a treasured memory.
  20. Skyrim is my favourite. I really like the music and viking theme. I have only ever played Oblivion and Skyrim, however.
  21. Skyrim is my favorite most likely because it is the first game I played on PS3 that made me seriously start looking into PC gaming :lol:
  22. I'm going to say it IS Skyrim. I really felt immersed into the Elder Scrolls world. The graphics were phenomenal and the storyline was really fun. I enjoyed the versatility offered as far as combat style (or if you wanted to just level up peacefully). I admit it was a bit buggy on release but it provided me with a fun memory. I had just purchased a horse and ridden it out into the lands. I hopped off the horse to go collect some flowers and catch butterflies. Suddenly a dragon came down and attacked my horse, carrying it off into the sky then dropping it. IT was GREAT! It is also the only game I found worthy to spend time into getting 100% steam achievement.
    I would love to win a free copy and gift it to my sons account.
  23. _Johnny5 said:

    Of all the Elder Scrolls, which is your favorite, and why?

    It has to be Morrowind hands down. That was the first Elder Scrolls game I've played so I might be biased because of nostaliga but there is definitely more than that. Graphics are fairly dated compared to modern games but back in 2002 I was very satisfied. It was so easy to get lost in this huge 3D world. It was quite a jump after playing mostly Diablo2 only.
  24. The Elder Scrolls: Arena because when i was a kid i was playing this game along the doom game which has very similar game engine. i enjoyed this game and payed all its levels. even my friends and cousins were coming to me to pay this game. i was among the few guys who had a a computer at home and i was very friendly with the others to offer them the oportunity to play this game. i was liking to hit targets and reaching objectives. my mom was even angry with me for playing that game so much :)
  25. morrowind only cuase last one actually had time to play till not since been fighting for disability but heard skyrim was very good and wated to give it a test drive
  26. I've never actually played an elder scrolls game so I can't say. My only exposure to the game has been watching a youtube video of Shirley Curry playing it. There's no age for gaming. :)
  27. Of all the Elder Scrolls, which is your favorite, and why?

    It'd definetely be Morrowind. My first experience with TES was through watching my brother play Daggerfall, this was around the year 2000. We played it a lot and it was a blast, and so scary! Then. 2002. TES Morrowind launches. My God. It was just absolutely amazing.

    The dialogue, the atmosphere, all the creatures! The guards. Oh god the guards and their shiny armours that I'd die so many times against trying to get while being oh so not ready for the challenge. The wastness of the world was truly a sight to behold. My fondest early gaming memories are strongly tied with Morrowind, and even though I found it extremely difficult, especially not being a native english citizen it was a struggle moving forward, but it was a different experience from todays games.

    All the strife, made the whole experience much more memorable. I thank TES for bringing us Morrowind.

    Good luck everyone!
  28. Skyrim, awesome graphics, and so much to do!
  29. My favorite Elder Scrolls game is Morrowind. I played it in my childhood, it was also the first elder scrolls game I played. I remember going to trades shops which had many items on the counter. I would pick them up and move them out of LOS and proceed to steal the items and then get over encumbered and walk out of the store like a boss. I think it is my favorite because it was the first one I ever played.
  30. Skyrim has to be the best, must be the first game I've ever completed, I just sat there every day addicted to it, and it's difficult for me to get addicted to a game. Just so many different customisations and builds you can do, different skills, different paths, such an amazing game, great graphics and just a great storyline. Must be the best game I've ever played in all my years of gaming, don't think of anything that could possibly beat it. That main dragon is a pain to defeat though, but mannn, the feeling I got when I defeated him was great.
  31. elders was my faverite its was my first eldresgame
  32. Skyrim was my first and favorite. Even if i had trouble following the story sometimes.
  33. Not Morrowind. I could not quite get the physical combat, and it took forever to get anywhere or to afford fast transport. I've not played enough of the others to form a solid opinion, but Skyrim looks really good.
  34. Skyrim because o the open world big map and good graphics, especially the landscapes, i always get impressed by landscapes in a game.
  35. Well so far my answer is Skyrim... but thats a little unfair as I haven't actually played any of the others. Have started Oblivion but only after I finished Skyrim so still winding my brain around the graphics being old!

    But oh my Skyrim is a glorious game and will take some beating! Plugged hundreds of hours into a single play through before any hint of DLC arrived then didn't get the time to go back do those bits. First game since Final Fantasy X came out that reached in and tweaked my completionist streak, i just had to go find all those fascinating bits of lore and fill every last location on that gorgeous map.

    People keep telling me Oblivion is better - damn i hope so!
  36. Looking forward to play this game. I haven't yet, but this would give me the "excuse" to :)
  37. I only had a chance to watch my brother play oblivion for a few hours a few years ago and i did a chance to play ESO for bit earlier this year. Both seem pretty awesome to me! Would love to play skyrim next! (for more than a few hours)
  38. I'll go with Oblivion, i think that it's the elder scrolls game that i enjoyed the most. Second would be fallout 3, which is practically skyrim with guns (sorry, bad joke, but i had to do it).
  39. I had played this game before, it was very fun and I enjoyed it.
  40. spent so many hours playing skyrim. still go back now and again.
    gfx wise its looking dated but it still has that something else that keeps you coming back 1 more time.

    good luck to all entrants...
  41. Oblivion, I miss the hand to hand combat tree. Punching dragon's is cool and all, but doing it with a skill tree was so much better.

    Speaking of, does anyone know of any skyrim mods that include a punch tree?
  42. ES - 5 Skyrim - my first encounter with Bethesda and still marvels me to this day!
  43. Morrowind was my favorite since it was my first real introduction to The Elder Scrolls. I'd love to get a chance to explore Skyrim.
  44. My favorite is Morrowind. It was so advanced to its time!
  45. Hands down, Oblivion. Your first is always the best.
  46. Skyrim is definitely my favorite. I have invested hundreds and hundreds of hours into this game and have just recently installed the mod Enderal "over" it to experience the style/mechanics with a whole new story. Easily one of my top ALL-TIME favorite games for sure.
  47. Morrowind for me. The completely open character customization was excellent. You could create just about any kind of character you wanted with all the major and minor skills. It was great. Oblivion simplified it by condensing the skills down and I didn't like that. Combined with the persistent clock of portals opening all over the place, you didn't have time to explore around. That was enough to turn me off from TES so I never bothered with Skyrim.
  48. Skyrim, since it was the one i played the most time. I cant wait to take another go at it, hopefully with the remastered version! :)
  49. Oblivion was the first ES game I played and I prefer it over Skyrim. To me, it was just more fun and interesting.
    I haven't played the earlier games in the series, though I would like to try Morrowind sometime.
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