Since Steam is now officially supporting OSVR, is better to go with this than VIVE or RIFT

I am really curious to the world of VR. Clearly is here to stay. As a gamer of and a lover tech. Would it better to go with the OSVR or the VIVE. I understand there is a learning curve ( A difficult one if you don't like tinkering around with hardware and software) But has anyone had any experiences with OSVR?

I just purchased a VIVE and I wondering if maybe I should have given this a shot instead?
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    I personally haven't messed with OSVR. However the Vive is pretty amazing, so I would not say you shot yourself in the foot.
  2. ^ Agree. The Vive is a great experience, and you won't get roomscape with OSVR.
    Also, I am not sure what controllers OSVR is using.
  3. OSVR HDK2 is risky. Too many reports of problems, IMO. If you're prepared to waste $300 or $350 (if you get it on sale), then you might take a chance on it, especially if you just want to play driving games and other seated experiences.

    Rift and Vive seem much more polished.

    As much as I'd like to endorse OSVR HDK2, there's a real chance of it just ending up as a frustrating waste of time and money.

    That said, I bought one and will probably post about my experiences with it. It's the only HMD with any Linux support (even though it's supposedly inferior to the Windows support). Since Linux is the main OS I develop on, I thought I'd give it a try.
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