System compressed Memory causing 100 Disk usage non stop.

I do not know what the cause is. I have tried almost everything. It just started out of nowhere. Here is a picture of what my task manager looks like.
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  1. To me it only means one thing, that at some point the drive being read from had the option of compress this drive to save disk space selected for it.

    If you right click on each drive in windows file manager.
    Click on properties on from the pull down options bar.

    It will tell you if the drive has had compression applied to it.

    You will see a tick box at the bottom of the new window that opens for the properties of the drive.
    saying compress this drive to save disk space.
    Simply un check the box and click ok or apply.
  2. No it does not have that option checked
  3. Now i will say this, when i go into disk defrag, when i go to pick a drive, it says optimization is not available. Could it be stuck in a defragment. it shows it last ran on 11-12-16 and thats is about when the issue started.
  4. Hi there
    If you are using windows 10, unfortunately windows 10 will compress ram be used for other apps if idle.

    You can fix this by turning off superfetch service. Or clises apps tou still have running that you are not using.

    To disable superfetch
    Press Windows Key + R to open the Run Dialog box. Type services.msc and press Enter. In the list of services find Superfetch, right click it and open properties. Click on Stop. Also set its startup type to "Disabled"
  5. Quite a few things that can cause that symptom.

    You can try a couple things to see if it goes away right away like....

    Disable BITS(Background Intelligent Transfer Service)
    If using Windows 10, go to Settings\System\Notifications and Turn OFF "Show me Tips about Windows"

    BITS is needed for Windows Updates. Tips about Windows is not needed at all.

    Sometimes its the easy stuff. Let us know how it goes.
  6. Well i did all 3 suggestions and still no luck. This one has really stumped me.
  7. Did you try turning off the computer and wait for 5 minutes reboot? This clears ram that is being used. This problem may return if it is a hardware issue.
  8. Best answer
    I ended up fixing it by creating a windows 10 repair disk, and booted it up, from what i am understanding was a file was missing and windows kept trying to download it and it was not able to. Once i repaired the file and was able to run windows update through the tool on the Microsoft site, it fixed the issue. Disk usage went from 100% back down to 5% on idle.
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