Difference between LED and IPS LED monitors

I am planning to buy a new monitor. I was searching on flipkart the other day and in the filter tab,i saw that there were many options such as
2)LED backlit LCD
5)Backlight LED
6)ips led
7)LED backlit LCD(non gsync)

Guys,please help me in selecting one which is good because i don't know the advantages and disadvantages of these monitors.

Your reply is most awaited..

Also if you can suggest a good 21 inch 1080p monitor,I will be grateful.

Thabk you
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    LED = LCD display with LED backlighting. LED's are smaller and also have the potential to make the screen brighter.

    So the different forms you've typed, LED backlit LCD, backlight LED, they're all the same thing

    IPS is the panel type. You have various different type of panels, for example also VA and TN.

    IPS allows more life-like and natural colors and great viewing angles. VA panels have higher contrast ratio's and TN panels are the fastest of them all with minimal response time but less color depth and poor viewing angles
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