No "log-in" on start of windows 10 | how to enter safe mode on start of pc

Windows 10 64bit
Os on ssd

First, I am having a corrupt download error on some steam games. I tried few solutions from forums and one of them is "system configuration, General tab > selective start up > untick all > ok" after restarting there is no log in, all i can see is screen saver with big time and date, internet icon,easy access and power button.

One of my problem is i cant go safemode, since i have ssd spamming f8 is not working. Shift restart doesnt work too.
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  1. On windows 10 - entering safe mode is a bit tricky.
    Here is how:
  2. Already saw this. Unfortunately there is no way i can use msconfig since the main problem is i cant log in. I have gigabyte h110 h ddr4 uefi bios and ssd so f8 is impossible.
  3. So giving me no choice to do something on bios and because spamming F8 / shift + F8 is not working on UEFI Bios / having OS on SSD, I have decided to use "Media Creation Tool" for Windows 10

    I went to:
    clean installation > repair your computer > Troubleshoot > command promt.

    On CMD:
    Enable Safe Mode - Type: bcdedit /set {default} safeboot minimal and press Enter.
    Enable Safe Mode with Networking - Type: bcdedit /set {default} safeboot network and press Enter.

    After restarting, on safe mode: run > msconfig > on general tab select selective start up and tick Load system service and Load start up items > apply > on boot tab untick safeboot > ok.

    Conclusion: unticking Load system services will disable Microsoft services, one of them is Event log. this feature is only for advanced users, it is mean to check if there are issues on system service of Microsoft. I highly do not recommend to untick it if you exactly don't know what you are doing. my mistake is not reading the whole solution of the given forum. Didn't read what will be next step from solution (I know going safe mode on Windows 10 is tricky, and sum it by having uefi bios and SSD)

    Tip: just from my mistakes always read the whole solution and think the possible outcomes and always take on mind we have different situations like mine i have uefi bios, booting my OS on ssd and using Windows 10. solutions for windows7 won't work for me, doing those solutions might worsen the problem.

    These things cost me a lot of time just looking for solution on this steam problem
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