No display on PC through graphics card but work find through motherboard onboard graphics

So like the title says im not getting any display through both HDMI and Mini Displayport to my monitor however when i remove my GPU from the motherboard and try booting using a VGA cable to the build in graphics that my motherboard has it boots up fine.

I initially assumed that it was GPU was that faulty (GTX 960) and due to only having it for 8 months or so i sent it off to eBuyer for them to look at, they have since got back to me saying there is nothing wrong with the GPU after the tests they did on it.

I am stuck at what could be wrong with my PC that stops it from running when the GPU when they have told me there is nothing wrong with the card itself.

Any help or suggestions of what could be wrong will be greatly appreciated
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  1. Edit. Click on keyboard del button and go into uefi/bios make sure default display says pcie. Or at least make sure it doesn't say PCIe disabled.

    Try different PCIe slot.

    Try different Power supply

    Try problem card on another PC (friend or colleague's if necessary)

    if none of the above works, The eBuyer is lying.
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    Sanity check: your running a cable from the back of the GPU into your monitor? not from the motherboard connector.

    check your bios and make sure there isnt some obscure setting that disables the GPU, or the slot its in.

    try the GPU in a different slot on your motherboard
    try the GPU in a different system if you can.
    Try a different GPU in the existing system if you can.

    What are your full system specs?
  3. check to make sure your using a Dual Link DVI because regular DVI cables are not compatible withhigh end high resolution graphics setups. i just found this out today with a problem with an AMD R7/8 setup. my monitor would lock up and i was having to reboot but the found the dvi cable i have and was using with my old computers with my HP high res screen can't handle the high end graphics frequency and bandwith. cost to fix is $10.00.

    i had RMA'd the MB for a new one and tried everything in the bios only to find a lead from another poster to try my original HP dvi cable and it solved the problem but it's to short and i ordered a 10ft Dual Link DVI.
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