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So, I can find a bunch of tutorials online on how to disable my lock screen, but I just want to change the password. This is where I'm lost, my Microsoft account password is different, and more secure, than my lock screen password. I know how to change my secure Microsoft account password, but my wife requested that I use a different lock screen password. Something simple that just keeps the toddler off. How can I change that password? The only thing I haven't done is tried changing my account password and then seeing if there is an option beyond that step. I didn't really want to change my microsoft account password.

Ideas? Or any clarifying questions?
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  1. Why not set up a local user for the computer and set its password to what you want. Then leave MSA login for emergencies.
    You can copy the current user folders in c/users/username over new one so its got as much access if needed. Can also make it admin if you like as that would reduce need to type password in to install anything. It has access to all programs installed

    see here:
  2. But I currently have a different password on the lock screen than my Microsoft account one, but I have no idea how I got it, or how to change it.
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    seems i somehow misread what you wanted.

    It is a good question, I can find how to disable it from asking for one but not anything about changing just it and not your Microsoft account as well.

    I don't know how you have two passwords on the one user

    I even looked around on my PC but I don't want to mess myself up fixing you, There are screens I have never seen in there.

    I thought it might be parental controls but cannot see anything there:
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