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I have my build for 2 years. Few months ago my computer started to make buzzing sound from my speakers and my screen would turn into something like this it's not completely like this but it's the best i could find.This happened only 3-4 times and it seems it's random.Btw my specs are
Athlon X4 860K
AMD Radeon R9 270 2GB (Overclocked to 1025MHz the max Radeon settings allow) but i doubt it's that because i always had my GPU overclocked since i bought my PC.
Raidmax Cobra 500W 80Plus Bronze
Windows 10
Temperatures are far from bad. Thermal margin for my CPU is 18-23 at full load which is great. GPU temp at full load doesnt go over 70C. The strange thing is that this started to happen when i got my new BenQ GW2470 monitor which has HDMI, previously i had monitor which had VGA. Can someone explain why is this?
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    VGA video signal is Analog, HDMI is Digital... and they are different signals, and VGA carries a stronger voltage... also monitors with both VGA and HDMI/DVI can have issues on Analog but not on Diital, and GPUs with VGA and HDMI/DVI can work on one video type and not another... And different GPU outputs use different drivers, analog driver for VGA and digital driver for HDMI/DVI. So, the difference on VGA working and HDMI not is not unusual.

    If that's the image that best resembles you display, it's the video GPU digital driver... reinstall it or update it.

    Is there any other image here that better resembles what you see?

    If that doesn't help, see which of these descriptions better explains your display issue?
    How to Fix Vertical Lines on the Computer Screen
  2. 1. Reseat all cards, connectors, and cables. It could be a grounding problem caused by corrosion. This could fix the problem.
    2. Try Chicano's suggestion.
    3. if all else fails, replace the power supply.
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