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  1. Probably Civ II as that was the first one I ever played. I remember getting really into it, to the point of making custom units. I recall making a "terraformer" that could convert ocean tiles into land tiles.

    Of course Alpha Centauri is of course the best one they ever made though. I still like how it handled borders compared to all the other civ games. The addition of an economic victory was also great.

    edit: I probably play as the British more than anything, though I'm not sure why. The naval aspect of Civ has always been pretty weak to the point of ignoring it doesn't really hurt most of the time. Morgan Industries for Alpha Centauri of course.
  2. Answer: Civilization 1 on Super NES console
    I have played the following titles in that order: Civilization on SNES, Civilization 2 on PSX and later on PC and Civilization 5 on PC.
    Off course the latest iteration is the most matured and probably the best of all. But to me the first part was and is a very special game. I played it dozen times and I always won by killing all nations. I was so fascinated by the randomly generated maps and how well it worked and how well balanced the technologies was. That time back, I didn't understood all mechanics, but understanding more with every iteration of new game was so interesting.
  3. I can't wait to throw away all my time with Civ6!

    The prompt has a couple ways of interpreting it, so I'll answer both.

    Favorite Civ series games is #3, I loved the evolving cities and world leaders "advancing" with the age/era.

    Favorite Civ is Rome from Civ5, because it's great to get a big headstart on connecting all my cities with roads with the Legionaries, and their civ effect is great as well. Also whenever I don't play Rome, the AI Rome becomes a big threat real quick.
  4. i liked more the Civilization II as it was such a masterpiece, it become more interesting with the ToT expansion.
  5. Civ V. It was the first one I played and the one I compare the others to. I have Civ III, but I haven't played much of it since it seems really limited and complicated (if that makes any sense). Workers can only build one thing, it's not clear what everything is (to a Civ V player) buildings can't be built as far as I can tell, and military units are on auto-generate.... Too much work to learn, especially with 200 hours strong on Civ V without having learned all its ins and outs or playing with all the civilizations yet...
  6. I honestly loved Civ 4.
    There was so much more to do in the game, many more options and it was way tougher managing your civ. Keeping the health and happiness of each city up was a pain but added a cool aspect to the game, and then making sure that your cultural divergence wasn't way high so your cities wouldn't jump ship and join another nation, but then that aspect was also cool for you a great way for gaining cities without conquest.
    All and all Civ 4 was great but also a hard pain to deal with but I loved it.
  7. I have spent . . . . 50 years? playing Civ II?

    OK, that's probably not true, but I have played the ever-living #$%^&* out of that game.
    I performed the opening scene of Henry V (Shakespeare theater anyone) at a high school thingy.
    It's the one, the only one, of the games I own where the box has survived 4 intercontinental moves. I still have that box, I still have handbook, I still have the tech progression tree. That tech poster hang in between my Fifth element and Star trek . . . First contact? posters.

    I mean, I would love to say IV, but considering my wife usually beats me at that I don't think that one is applicable.

    Or wait, did you mean, which civilization?
    French under Louis XIV for cultural victory
    Aztecs or Vikings for aggressive.
    Or the Indians so I don't get NUKED! into oblivion by a "it's not a bug it's a feature" :P
  8. The first Civilization was/is my fav. ;-) Been playing that since release (yes, I still play it every now and again in DosBox - yes I own a working physical copy of the first "re-issue" on CD-ROM ;) )

    But that's based purely on nostalgia. Every iteration thereafter brought many improvements in terms of both gameplay and graphics. Even if they never stopped Gandhi or Montezuma from nuking the heck out of me :lol:
  9. As why_wolf said above, Civ II is my favorite, I even modded it a little. I loved the wonders movies.

    If the question was about which civilization in the game is my favorite, I have to say Spain in Civ V. The conquistador is an almost perfect unit to expand quickly, it can make a big difference.
  10. Civ 4 was my favorite because it was the first Civ game I played.
  11. Civ VI would be my favorite as it'd be the first one in the series I'd play. I know right? Shoot me ;) I played and enjoyed other games of the genre growing up but never got to the Civ series for some reason. Would be cool to finally try one :)
  12. Civ V is my favorite in the series. Civilization is one of the main reasons I switched over to PC after being a console gamer my whole life. I have lost entire weekends to this series when I only meant to sit down for an hour or two. I'm really looking forward to Civ VI.
  13. My favorite Civ game, excluding Alpha Centauri, is Civ V. I never played the earlier games.

    Favorite Civ in Civ 5 is the Huns, just builds some battering rams and destroy all neighbors.
  14. My favorite Civ is IV. I spent a lot of time just playing one nation after another. I also liked being able to have more than one unit occupying a square. Although I like hexagon spaces on Civ V
  15. Civirgil 2 had depth for it time best combat system if any strategy gate at the time with plenty of research and upgrade unit option it broke the mold back then and year to year the newer games improve it but they'll never take away f r I'm it's origins stories
  16. Civilization 5 was my favorite by far. It was polished and the Gods and Kings as well as the Brave New World expansions added so much to the game it was almost like playing a new civilization game. There is so many ways to play due to the new religion and culture mechanics introduced in each expansion and every game felt different.
  17. Played only Civ 1 and 3, so it would be the 1. Still remember the intro on Civ 1, man it took long time to generate that landscape, but it was worth waiting for.
  18. my favorite civ some civ revolutions for the xbox 360, i played that when i was very young, its not the best, but its what got me into it, and the fact that i played like sooooo many hours on that game!
  19. My favourite Civ game has to be Civ2 mainly because that was the first Civ game I've ever played in the series and the nostaliga is really strong with this one.
  20. My favorite would have to be call to power. I didn't really know what I was doing at the time with it other that using cheats and crushing my enemies. Plus the worm hole ftw was nice.
  21. CIV II is definitely my favorite for the nostalgia of me as a young child (9 or 10 years old) playing on my family's Pentium 1 Windows 95 machine. I was terrible at it, and used cheats all the time. But I had a lot of fun. I still remember on one of my most successful playthroughs I ended with the title "Erik the Augustus".
  22. My favorite was Civilization V due to the fact it is the only one in the series I have played. I have put many hours into it and I only have been exposed to the base game (no DLC yet)
  23. I've never played any CIV games but, would love to give it a try.
  24. Civ IV is my favorite because it was much harder with more options. Each city was tougher to keep happy which gave the game more depth. The game always keep me at the edge of my seat to keep the people from leaving my cities.
    Civ IV is the greatest but ill give Civ VI a chance to change my mind.
  25. I loved Civ IV, but spent the majority of my last few years playing Civ V with all the mods available that totally transforms the game.
  26. Played Civ IV in a lan a couple of times, interesting game. Civ III was probably my favorite though.
  27. I started with Civ V, then got Beyond Earth and Civ III, in that order. I loved 5, Beyond Earth was decent, but seemed lacking, and 3 seemed vastly different from what I was used to, it was hard to figure out how to play so I gave up without putting much effort into it. Had I gotten into the series earlier, perhaps I would have liked three, but as things currently stand, I enjoyed 5 the most.
  28. I have only ever played Civ V (complete edition for 12 bucks) and it was great. Never expected to get so much playtime and depth out of such a great deal.
  29. Civ 3's my favourite if you don't count Alpha Centauri. It pretty much perfected the Civ formula of the earlier games.
  30. Civ 3 was awesome! I can't seem to find a way to run it on W10, however. Would apprecaite a PM if anyone knows a way

    Only other one I have played is Civ5 which I didn't really give a chance. I am bad at civ :-|
  31. I'm an olde-school kind of guy. I liked the first one because that's what I had. Played 2 a little and liked it. But for years I only had the first and I appreciated the relative simplicity of it compared to the changes that were added to the later games.
  32. Civ V because that's the one I started with. I'm sure the previous ones are very good too, but it felt hard getting into them after being used to V.
  33. Civ V because that's the one I started with. I'm sure the previous ones are very good too, but it felt hard getting into them after being used to V.
  34. Civ III
  35. Civilization III because I have played that the most and it was also my first game I played in the franchise.
  36. Civ IV. It was the first one I played, and I spent countless hours on it time and time and time again. Plus, Leonard Nimoy.
  37. _Johnny5 said:
    Out of all the Civilization games, what was your favorite civilization to play, and why?

    Well I only played Civ V and that was after it being bought for me and forced to play it. I apparently don't get it. I found it to be fairly boring. Maybe I needed to play the earlier ones to enjoy V. I tried to like it. Maybe VI improves upon V enough to get me to stay awake. Probably not, but i'm willing to give it a chance at someone else's expense.
  38. Although I haven't played many CIV games, CIV5 will always be my first love. It was the first CIV game I bought and owned. My friend and I bought CIV5 right before a road trip so we played it using 2 laptops and an Ethernet cable. By myself, I fell into the trap that every CIV player has fallen into. Many of times I'd find myself seeing the sun rise as I say to myself "One more turn." Even with the hundreds of hours I've spent on this game, I've only ever finished one. I kept trying to get the perfect win and completely outdo the bots. Although I am not that great at it, CIV5 is my favorite game.
  39. I guess it would be Civilization VI, since I've never properly had a Civ game before.
  40. I've been playing Civilization since launching it from DOS on Civ 1 in 1993 or so. My friend's dad gave everyone their own floppy disk to save games on and we could play on either of their computers (the new one ran Windows 3.1 and had a CD drive!). When Civ II came out in 1996, my family finally had our own awesome computer: Pentium 100MHz upgraded to 32MB of RAM and a 1GB HDD. My Brother and I eagerly picked up a copy at Guam's computer store, Megabyte Computers, and continued the quest for world domination at our own house.

    Civilization 1 will always have the greatest nostalgia for me. It also came with the mystery of ruling an empire unsure of how decisions would impact my future. I feared a REVOLUTION and thought that walls somehow helped with food (I was 8 at the time). I knew that Montezuma would have his revenge against me and respected Stalin's heavy serious music. Warlord was a challenge and so I never had to worry about levels where the AI had to cheat to win.

    Civilization 2 was special because it was designed (intentionally?) to be modded. My Brother created a massive scenario with all new units where the Spaniards invaded the accurately-mapped Marianas islands from Manila and you controlled the primitive chiefs and canoes in what seemed a valiant and futile resistance (at least I never beat it).

    Civilization 3 was a disappointment after Alpha Centauri. The AI was too much worse to play the game until the final expansion fixed the computer's aggressiveness. Civ 4 was amazing, making multiplayer fun, fixing combat strength, but further highlighting the problem of stacking units. Civ 5 was bold, and successful in its boldness. It fixed several major flaws of its predecessors without introducing major new ones and expanded the unique feel of each civilization. However, somewhere the game lost a little of its soul.

    I never go back to Civ 4. I will never stack 100 catapults again. I never liked Civ 3. I sometimes go back to Alpha Centauri. And I don't know why I don't go back to Civ 2. But I do go back to Civ 1 from time-to-time. It's not any less fun than before. I don't find myself wishing it was more complicated because it's already perfectly balanced and sometimes simplicity is the most satisfying. That is, until I lose my Armor attacking a Phalanx. So I guess the original is my favorite.

    If you want to know my favorite civilization to play as, it's the Zulus in Civ 1, Vikings in Civ 2, Morganites in Alpha Centauri, Chinese in Civ 3, Romans in Civ 4, and Random in Civ 5.
  41. SinxarKnights said:
    _Johnny5 said:
    Out of all the Civilization games, what was your favorite civilization to play, and why?

    Well I only played Civ V and that was after it being bought for me and forced to play it. I apparently don't get it. I found it to be fairly boring. Maybe I needed to play the earlier ones to enjoy V. I tried to like it. Maybe VI improves upon V enough to get me to stay awake. Probably not, but i'm willing to give it a chance at someone else's expense.
    I'm guessing you're just not a fan of turn-based strategy. Conversely, I'm not a fan of real-time strategy.

    If you don't like Heroes of Might and Magic 3 or Master of Orion 2, I doubt you'll like Civilization. Do you ever have dreams of conquering the world? If not, maybe you should play some other adventure (I recommend Star Control 2).
  42. Civ III because that's when I started at age 8 or so, and it has so many good memories for me.
  43. As a younin', the only Civ I've managed to play was Civ V, since I don't consider Alpha Centauri an actual Civ game. I recall more than a few nights that had me stuck in a "just one more turn" loop.
  44. Civ 2,found it lying around in my brothers room and took it for a ride.Its still with me :)
  45. Civ V. I love strategy games and by the time I got into civ, civ 5 was the newest one.
  46. Definitely the original as I was a kid and it was one of the most fun games I ever played.
  47. I don't have a favorite from the series, Theyv all been equally enjoyable to me. as for why, i just love simulation games.
  48. My favorite, though only narrowly, would have to be Civ V.

    Once all the Expansions are added it feels like the most complete Civ with some of the best Civs to play.
  49. Cub V it's my favorite. I had III before it, and V made things more accessible and improved playability.
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