Can someone link me a cable for my monitor

Just got a 144hz monitor. The only issue is the newest cable that I have can only take it up to 120hz @ 1080. My monitor has dvi,hdmi,DP and VGA. Can someone link me a cable that would work better for my monitor. I know it isn't a issue with my system, it's the cable.
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    get the cheapest display port 1.2 cable (in your local store on the web) and 1 or 2m is up to you.
    theres no quality difference in these cables, so don't get scammed by that.

    dispalyport cables support 144hz on 1080p:) and carry also an audio signal
  2. What card are you running?
  3. I asked for a link to a cable
  4. Could someone actually help? I just need a link to a DP cable that will support my monitor at 144hz @ 1080p. Nothing is wrong with my hardware,
  5. SuperNinja12 gave you a good answer. All you need is a display port cable. Go to and look one up.
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