Why am I getting 59 and 61 fps when on v sync (60fps) when i alt tab out of games


I recently started permamently using v sync as I have a old 1080p monitor with 60ghz and I get way too many frames with my gtx 1080 (150+) but when I alt tab out of some games I return to find the Fps goes down and up sometimes by 1fps. Also I dont know if its me going crazy but it now appears to have very very split second freezes. Got to reopen the game to have perm 60fps

Why is this?

Also is it worth upgrading to a 2k 144ghz Gsync monitor due to how powerful my gtx 1080 is. I have a i7 4770. 12gb ram
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    When your games aren't the main focus of the monitor, it means your PC isn't paying full attention to it, just the bare minimum to make it keep working, that's why it goes to very low fps.

    When you ALT+TAB back again, it will regain it's speed/focus. That's way you can see the frames going up again.

    It's probably you overthinking about it. Don't worry.

    And yes, i believe it's a worth upgrade since a 1080 is such an overkill for just 1080/1440p.
    With that AND G-Sync, you'll have a great image quality. If you can afford, go for it.
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